Wednesday, July 23, 2014

DIY Seashell Candle + Vintage Teacup Candle

 Woah!! I apologize for Halfway to Harmony being so quiet lately.... saying life has been busy could be an understatement. But I'll take busy when it is doing the things that I love. The one thing missing though has been updating my blog and let me tell you I have missed it so much! I am making it a goal now to start it back up on a regular schedule (yay!) so keep checking back! I am even more excited to share some of the things I have been up to. 

In recent months, I have been working a lot with O'Neill Women's, especially on their blog. With each season, the clothing there is getting cuter and cuter...think Free People with a beachy twist...I want everything!! Anyways, I have an exciting recent collaboration to share later this week, but right now I hope you enjoy this seashell candle DIY. I have mine on my bedside table, and it adds the perfect touch to my room, especially when lit! I added a Halway to Harmony twist though to this DIY... if the beach vibe isn't your thing opt for a vintage teacup (I got mine at Goodwill for a couple dollars)! 

Check out your DIY below! It feels great to be back! 



Materials: Wax
Large Seashell
Scented Essential Oil
2 Pots (one larger than the other)
Glue Gun

Most of these items can be found at any craft store such as Michaels! If a shell is not available at your local craft store, there are lots of amazing options online as well! For the smaller of the pots, I recommend using one that you don’t need anymore, or purchasing one from a local thrift store, as you will not want to use it for cooking after melting the wax.

Step One: Plug in your hot glue gun and glue the metal bottom of the wick to the middle of the shell.

Step Two: Fill up the larger of the two pots with a couple inches of water. Put it on the stove and turn the heat to medium.

Step Three: Place your smaller pot inside of the larger, to create a double boiler. Put the wax in the smaller pot. As the water heats up, the wax will start to melt. Keep the wax in the pot until it has melted completely. At this time, you can add several drops of your selected fragrance into the hot wax until the scent is at the strength you would like it!
Important: Make sure you are watching the pots as the water begins to boil! If you have too much water in the pot it will start to flow over the top. If this begins to happen, either pour some of the water into the sink or turn down the heat.

Step Four: Once the wax has completely melted, spread old newspaper by the stove with the shell on top. Carefully pour the hot wax slowly into the center of the shell. Fill only to the top of the shell, so that no wax spills out.
Let the wax cool and harden!

Step Five: Once the candle has completely cooled, cut the wick so that about 3/4 inch is above the wax.

Check out O'Neill's blog here!

If you have some extra wax, or want to something different, use a vintage teacup. Follow all the same steps as above!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

FP Me Goes Camping

We all have our ideas of a perfect day... each different from the next, but this right here is mine. I am incredibly grateful for this breathtaking experience with my favorite brand and an amazing group of people! Here is a peak into my FP Me camping experience!  

The dreamy trip included a Free People photoshoot on the shores of San Onofre Beach, paddle boarding in the ocean, surf lessons from the pro surfer Sage Erickson, a delicious and healthy dinner on the beach, roasting marshmallows over a camp fire, and yoga on the sand after a wonderful night of camping. My favorite part though was the beautiful and talented people I was able to meet while I was there, all having a similar love for Free People. 

While there, I tried my best to stay in the moment. This was difficult, as every fleeting moment was worthy of a picture. I put away my phone though, and just worked to enjoy each moment. I jumped in the ocean with a surf board, tried new and unique dishes for dinner, and spent time with my amazing cousin who joined me on the trip. 

See below for more pictures! Photos are by Free People and me. 

A beautiful set up to have dinner at sunset... complete with a teepee! 

Surf lessons with Sage Erickson wearing my O'Neill swimsuit!

I accessorized for the event in my favorite jewelry brand Rope the Moon!  

Yoga session on the beach! 

The beautiful group of people I spent the camping trip with. 

A huge thank you for Free People for planning this! Check out posts from their blog here and here.


Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Cafe at Dusk + Video

Cafes, at dusk, with my best friend have been my favorite lately. I love sitting and talking, as the grey sky turns into a dark blue, almost black. The air becomes quiet and the cars seem louder. These nights have become routine. I kind of wish they were every night. Granted, I normally dress in more simple attire to enjoy the comfortable cafe setting, but this time I stepped it up a notch in a double-slit dress, layered jewels, and my favorite hat.  

I have been wanting to start to make fashion videos for a while now, so here is my first attempt! Let me know what you think, and look forward to more like it! 


Dress: O'Neill (here)
Hat: Unif (here)
Jewelry: Van De Vort (here + here) and Free People (here)
Boots: Free People (similar here)
Jacket: Borrowed
*Photography by Kylie Cherin*

Friday, May 9, 2014

Heat Wave

I've found my summer (and lifetime) essential: disposable cameras. Yes, I am obsessed. Getting one for this gem of a day was an amazing decision. There is something magical about the whole process... having a set amount of images you can capture, the anticipation on how the photos will look, and honestly my favorite part is that taking photos with a disposable camera enables you to stay in the moment while creating lasting memories of your day. Actually my favorite part is getting the photos back! So exciting, it's like opening a present!

These photos bring a smile to my face though, as this was such an amazing day with my soul sister Gabi (check her out at Vanilla Fringe). The day entailed laying out on the beach, a little shopping, and a stop at a local juice and smoothie store. Let me tell you it was hot, so I stayed nice and casual in my favorite O'Neill bikini and some little red shorts. So excited though, summer has pretty much begun... I better go stock up on some disposable cameras!


Top: c/o O'Neill, Shorts: Forever 21, Bikini: c/o O'Neill, Sunnies: Free People