Sunday, November 23, 2014

Downtown Dweller

With it almost being December, I'm finding my favorite way to wear dresses on crisp evenings such as these is thigh high socks. Add little black boots, and they have a magical way of making your legs look extra long while keeping them cozy. This particular evening was spent Downtown enjoying a new restaurant and walking around as the sky quickly turned to dusk. I can't seem to get use to this time change yet! 

This dress is one of my favorites of the moment... I can't seem to stop wearing it! Layering it with socks, the coziest sweater I own, and a swipe of dark lipstick made it the perfect fall evening outfit. 

Shop the look here:
 Dress: Swell 
Cardigan: Free People
Necklace: Similar here

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Weekend Adventures

Lately weekends have been my little pockets of sunshine after being submerged in a busy week. They are still productive, but they also provide time for carefree days and fun adventures. One of my recent favorites was a road trip with my family to my home town in the mountains! Saturday and Sunday included hikes, harvesting my grandma's garden (and cooking a feast with the fresh veggies-yum), naps, and of course a quick photo shoot with my favorite bell bottoms. 

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Sunday, August 31, 2014

New York City: Day 1 & 2

 Back to New York City and I couldn’t be happier! The highlight of every summer for the past several years, is a week long trip to Manhattan to visit family. As every other time, I’ve fallen even more deeply in love with the city. It’s nice, as since I’ve been so many times I can just simply enjoy being there rather than worrying about getting to all the tourist destinations. I know my way around okay, but it always takes me several days to get use to the subway system! 

The first two days I was there were spent exploring the city, walking a lot, and searching for all the best vintage shops. I'm not kidding about the walking though! I love that you walk everywhere in NYC and don't mind it at all, but my brother and I took it to a whole new level the first day and walked all the way from Greenwich Village to Brooklyn. 

See below for some photos we snapped on our first and second day in New York! 


 I ordered the photos a bit strange, so this outfit was actually from day two! We had lunch in Bryant Park (my favorite) before making our way up to Central Park to explore. I kept my outfit fairly simple (and accidentally head to toe Free People!), because it was hot and I knew we would be moving a lot! 

Shop it below:
Hat (Free People)
Shorts (Free People)
Bag (Etsy
Shoes (Converse)

 Day 1, as fore-mentioned was spent walking from Greenwich to Brooklyn. We stopped a lot along the way at different shops along the way, but our final destination was the coolest thrift store called "Junk" in Williamsburg. 

Shorts (DIY here)
Flannel (F21)
Necklace (Child of Wild)

Sunday, August 24, 2014

DIY Mason Jar Bouquet With a Lace Trim

There is nothing better than a fresh bouquet of flowers in the home. In fact I’ve found that my room looks its best with a bouquet on my bedside table. Maybe it’s just me, but I think when it comes down to it they are the best (and easiest) d├ęcor!

Anyways, recently I was perusing Costco and noticed they were selling a pack of mason jars for around $5! Naturally, I scooped them up and brought them home for one reason – DIY’s. As you’ve probably seen on Pinterest, mason jars have hundreds of uses. Unfortunately, I couldn’t buy that many jars, but I’ll show you my favorite ways to use the handful I purchased in the next couple of months!

I don’t mind a complicated DIY, but when they are simple and instantly rewarding I’m always sold. Hence I kept this mason jar bouquet DIY as easy as they come, but with an added touch of lace of course!

Read below for instructions.


>> Lace trim

>> Mason jar

>> Sharp scissors

>> 3 kinds of flowers (or my favorite is to use 1 type of large flower, greenery, and small flower for a perfect mix)
Step One: Cut a piece of lace trim to fit perfectly around the top of the mason jar.
Step Two: With one hand, hold the lace tightly on to the top of the jar. With the other hand, screw on just the ring part of the lid. If necessary, you can first adhere the lace to the jar with hot glue.
Step Three: Fill your jar halfway with water. Start by putting your large flowers in the jar. Cut the flower’s stems diagonally with scissors so that they stick out about 2 inches above the jar. I chose carnations because they last forever, and I loved the color! Positions them evenly around the jar.

Step Four: Add in your smaller flowers. Personally, I gravitate towards baby’s breath as my small flower, but use whatever you please.  Cut the baby’s breath (or small flower) at different lengths. Have some that will sit lower than your large flower, and others that will be slightly above. Position them evenly around the jar. Don’t be afraid to keep repositioning them until you are satisfied!

Step Five: Add your greenery. Again, cut several pieces at different lengths and position them throughout the jar until you love your bouquet!
Step Six: Find a perfect place for your fresh flowers and enjoy! Don’t forget to change the water after a couple days, and when these flowers die, just add some more!