Friday, May 9, 2014

Heat Wave

I've found my summer (and lifetime) essential: disposable cameras. Yes, I am obsessed. Getting one for this gem of a day was an amazing decision. There is something magical about the whole process... having a set amount of images you can capture, the anticipation on how the photos will look, and honestly my favorite part is that taking photos with a disposable camera enables you to stay in the moment while creating lasting memories of your day. Actually my favorite part is getting the photos back! So exciting, it's like opening a present!

These photos bring a smile to my face though, as this was such an amazing day with my soul sister Gabi (check her out at Vanilla Fringe). The day entailed laying out on the beach, a little shopping, and a stop at a local juice and smoothie store. Let me tell you it was hot, so I stayed nice and casual in my favorite O'Neill bikini and some little red shorts. So excited though, summer has pretty much begun... I better go stock up on some disposable cameras!


Top: c/o O'Neill, Shorts: Forever 21, Bikini: c/o O'Neill, Sunnies: Free People

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  1. I share the love you have for disposable cameras. Last year I was given a proper film camera and it is the best thing I own!

    xoxo, S
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