Sunday, June 8, 2014

FP Me Goes Camping

We all have our ideas of a perfect day... each different from the next, but this right here is mine. I am incredibly grateful for this breathtaking experience with my favorite brand and an amazing group of people! Here is a peak into my FP Me camping experience!  

The dreamy trip included a Free People photoshoot on the shores of San Onofre Beach, paddle boarding in the ocean, surf lessons from the pro surfer Sage Erickson, a delicious and healthy dinner on the beach, roasting marshmallows over a camp fire, and yoga on the sand after a wonderful night of camping. My favorite part though was the beautiful and talented people I was able to meet while I was there, all having a similar love for Free People. 

While there, I tried my best to stay in the moment. This was difficult, as every fleeting moment was worthy of a picture. I put away my phone though, and just worked to enjoy each moment. I jumped in the ocean with a surf board, tried new and unique dishes for dinner, and spent time with my amazing cousin who joined me on the trip. 

See below for more pictures! Photos are by Free People and me. 

A beautiful set up to have dinner at sunset... complete with a teepee! 

Surf lessons with Sage Erickson wearing my O'Neill swimsuit!

I accessorized for the event in my favorite jewelry brand Rope the Moon!  

Yoga session on the beach! 

The beautiful group of people I spent the camping trip with. 

A huge thank you for Free People for planning this! Check out posts from their blog here and here.


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  1. Wow seemed like you had so much fun! Haha can't help but be a little jealous you got to spend it with Free People! Love the white dress that you worn, it's so boho and effortlessly beautiful :)